In order to preserve the natural scenic beauty of the area the Nevis Partnership aims to minimise the adverse impact of man’s presence on the country’s highest mountain. Volunteers, many acting alone and others in organised groups, periodically participate in the removal of litter dropped on the main track and summit area. Some groups have taken responsibility for particular sections of the mountain. Parties of volunteers have also been organised recently to remove a large number of extraneous cairns that have appeared on the mountain over the years. Only the Peace Cairn and a few that are considered helpful as navigational aids have been left. The Nevis Partnership is indebted to all who contribute in this way to preserving the scenic beauty of Ben Nevis and its environs.

How best to deal with the large number of plaques and other memorials that have been placed on the mountain to commemorate someone’s loss is a sensitive and altogether more delicate issue. After much debate and consultation it was decided to remove all existing memorials from the summit of Ben Nevis and to discourage new ones being added. Existing plaques will be disposed of only after a concerted effort has been made to contact those responsible for placing them on the mountain. In their place a collective memorial in the form of a curved stone seat and cairn has been constructed within a wooded area near to the visitor centre in Glen Nevis. This has been designated a Site for Contemplation where those wishing to do so can sit and reflect in peace and quiet. It is situated close by the River Nevis and offers a view towards the mountain. In addition interested parties have the opportunity of adding a page of their own design to a virtual Book of Remembrance which has been created on this web-site.

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