Relocated cairns on Ben Nevis Summit Plateau

Following consultations with mountaineering organisations, The Nevis Partnership has completed work on the relocation of the line of stone cairns that traditionally marked the path over the summit plateau of the UK’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis.

The relocated cairns now mark the recognised compass bearings that are used by walkers and climbers to navigate off the summit, avoiding the snow cornices that fringe the edge of the mountain’s north-east facing corries. The cairns are almost six feet/1.8 metres in height and are spaced at 50 metre intervals.

Snow covers the summit plateau of the Ben for much of the year making the route of the path useless for navigational purposes. When the summit is free of snow visitors are recommended to follow the path, but when snow is lying on the ground the new line of cairns should be followed.
Walkers and climbers must also be aware that at times the cairns may be completely covered and it is therefore essential, at all times, to carry a map and compass and to know how to safely navigate off the summit plateau.

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