Glen Nevis Ben Nevis

Welcome to Nevis Partnership

The Nevis Partnership is a Scottish company, limited by guarantee with charitable status. It was formed in 2003 with the express intent to:

'guide future policies and actions to safeguard, manage and where appropriate enhance the environmental qualities and opportunities for visitor enjoyment and appreciation of the Nevis area'

The working strategy document 'The Nevis Strategy' was completed after consultations between the following organisations.

For Nevis Landscape Partnership see "Latest News and Updates"

Our Key Principles

  • Sustainability
  • Partnership and joint working
  • Community landowners' and Government Agency involvement. Agreement and support for management initiatives
  • Recognition of the area's international and national conservation, tourism and recreation importance
  • Commitment to action and investment

Latest News and Updates

Trainee Volunteer Rangers
Nevis Landscape Partnership are looking to take on Trainee Volunteer Rangers for a 12 week training programme.

New team, new office, projects!

The Nevis Partnership is a Charity registered in Scotland, No. SCO33418